About Liselotte


Artist Bio 

Meet Liselotte, the face behind Lottie's Atelier! A driven 33-year-old woman from the Netherlands, with the determination to become an artistic great. She resides with her husband and 2.5-year-old son in the middle of the country, near Utrecht. In addition, her home is also a big animal farm! Their friends also call it "The Petting Zoo," courtesy of the 2 labradors, 1 cat, 2 walking ducks and 7 silky hens 🥳 

And how was Lottie's Atelier created? After years of working in social media and online marketing, she recently chose the path to fully dedicate herself to painting and creating. Her preference is mixed media, lots of color and abstract art. She loves it! Pushing her to go further and not look back! With a rich background in social media creation and a heart full of creativity, she strives to bring her work to life in a way that tells emotions and stories. 

My inspiration almost always comes from the world around me. Other artists, my family, friends, what I experience, anything can trigger a burst of creativity that spurs me to create something.